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Dad & Angies Birthday Cake. Mont Blanc Chestnut Cake, Hong Kong style :D
Walnut honey and coconut cake
Honey Passionfruit and white chocolate cake
Pastel Buttercream Roses, on fondant topped cupcakes! Finally figured it out: the base of a wine glass is a fantastic substitute for a flower nail, and piping onto small squares of baking paper, as appose to the bare surface allows you to freeze the roses for a clean transfer when actually decorating :)
Hong Kong style Fruit Layer Cake. Holiday Baking ♥
Creative exhaustion:
Homemade puff pastry base with a chiffon cake tier situated between a mango mousse and passion fruit mousse. Embellished with homemade wafers, white chocolate shards and meringue feature. 
My take on the classic hong kong ‘Maxims Mango Crispy Cake’.
Pavolva for Chinese New Year?
Coconut Cream Nian Gao